Our History

A family owned business, St. Charles Trading, Inc. was established in July of 1984 by our current CEO and Founder, Mr. William T. Manns. A food scientist by degree, with a background in chemical food sales, Mr. Manns knew that there was a need for premium ingredient distribution services within the food industry. After careful thought about what could be, Mr. Manns had a conversation with his family on Good Friday 1984, about the possibility of an entrepreneurial new company specializing in food ingredient distribution. The family eagerly supported the dream and encouraged his vision of the soon to be, St. Charles Trading, Inc.

From modest and humble beginnings, St. Charles Trading, Inc. developed a solutions based business for companies seeking specialty services to meet unique ingredient requirements. By solving customer and supplier problems and creating innovative solutions, St. Charles Trading, Inc. experienced organic growth Nationwide.

The addition of fully integrated logistics companies, allowed expansion by promoting and supporting customized distribution services. St. Charles Trucking and Five Star Logistics enabled the enterprise to provide additional solutions to a variety of industries. These companies deliver daily, coast to coast.

With distribution centers throughout the country serviced by talented industry professionals, St. Charles Trading is a local, reliable partner with a global presence.

In the past decade, the company has conducted business in many different countries in both import and export of key foodstuff. Our ability to communicate in many foreign languages including: Chinese, Spanish, French, Indonesian, Thai and Portuguese, allow us to continue seeking new solutions and innovations for an ever-changing world market.

With our CARE brand as our guiding principal, we strive to treat others as we would want to be treated. We aim to make your experience with us world class. We welcome you to our company and our family.


  • C- Customer
  • A- Accurate
  • R- Reliable
  • E- Excellent customer service