Supply Chain Solutions: Out of Product, Out of Time

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What would you do if you were in this situation? 

Let’s set the scene 

Imagine it, you just received a call from your international customer asking if they can arrange pick up of two pallets of material today from your warehouse?  

Of course, if you had available inventory, then you would make the sale and pat yourself on the back!  The only problem is, you don’t have any material on hand and to make matters worse your customer already has a truck in the area to pick up!

This scenario was the exact predicament a SCT customer was in recently. 

Our customer has a small office team made up of amazingly capable people. Somehow, they manage the work of a team three times their size. But when things slip through the cracks, we are there to help.  

One day they called us up because they were in a bind. This customer typically does not have many issues, but that day was an exception. Unfortunately, they had miscalculated their order timing and had run out of a critical ingredient in their warehouse. They needed help and they needed it fast! 

We have all been there. All it takes is a slight miscalculation and then suddenly production slams to a screeching halt. 

I knew exactly how to help.

When the purchasing agent from our customer reached out to me for assistance with a just in time (JIT) delivery I knew exactly how to help! 

No stranger to customers urgent needs, I was eager to offer solutions! After determining that we had material in stock in our Elgin, IL warehouse, I confirmed that we could have the material shipped out same day for delivery the following day. 

Logistical hurdles 

Our customer wanted to save their customer some time and effort, so they requested that we ship the product directly to their customer. That is easy enough! 

Then they hesitantly asked, “Do you ship things internationally?”  I eagerly replied, “Ship product internationally? Of course we do! 

We work closely with Five Star Logistics on securing carriers for domestic and international shipments. Five Star Logistics is our preferred shipping partner. We are also familiar with the documentation needed to clear customs because we handle international shipping with some regularity. 

I explained to the customer that all I needed was their customer’s ship-to address and I’d take care of the rest. They were ecstatic to hear the good news! 

Problem Solving 

Our organization has faced many unique customer requests over the years. One of our greatest joys comes from knowing that our customers call us when they encounter crisisHelping solve complex problems is in our company DNA. 36+ years of helping our customers has helped us build the necessary policies and procedures to make the supply chain work for you.  

It only takes one phone call to have your problems solved. 

We do the work so that you don’t have to. When inventory runs out and threatens your production schedule or even worse, threatens a sale, you know who to call. 

When you need product shipped internationally without the usual hassle we’re here to help! Whether you need help with a small problem or a production nightmare, you only need one partner.  


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