Simple Supply Chain Solutions

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You matter. Your company matters. Its easy to see that the work you are doing is critical, especially in our industry! Together we make food that feeds the whole country. That is no small feat. It’s so easy to forget that food manufacturers, ingredient distributors, and every other part of the supply chain are linchpins for modern society.

At St. Charles Trading we recognize
that without you, 
there is no us.

Our business is built on the foundational belief that every customer matters. Every customer deserves to interact with a real person who is an ally and a partner.


In this blog series we are highlighting real customer stories. Together we’ll explore their challenges, fears, and how their business leveled up by partnering with St. Charles Trading. You’ve certainly experienced at least 3 of these challenges before so buckle up and get ready for the ride!

What sort of topics are we covering?

I’m glad you asked! These are real stories about some of our customers most difficult challenges and how we turned roadblocks into pathways to success. Everything is fair game! Sourcing rare ingredients? We do that every week. Do you have a critical ingredient in short supply due to market volatility? We know the drill.


Every member of our team is uniquely equipped to meet the challenges our customers bring to the table. Do you need help with R&D? Our food scientists and blending operations specialists are eager to dive into the project!


Having a difficult time finding a supplier that can keep up with your documentation practices? We have an entire department dedicated to processing documentation and they love learning new workflows! They treat documentation like a science and love getting results that work!


Long story short, if there is something about your supply chain that is stressing you out and causing disruptions to your business, we have definitely solved that problem (or one like it) before. That is why we call ourselves the Global Supply Chain Solution Specialists!


We know that some of you are asking, “Why are you sharing these stories for free?” We have the knowledge, tools, and desire to help our customers thrive.


Remember earlier in the post when I said, “without you, there is no us? That statement is backed up by the cornerstone principals behind our C.A.R.E Brand. We are dedicated to being “Customer First, Accurate and Easy to Work With, Reliable, and Execution Excellence.”


These simple principals inform the way every member of our team interacts with our customers and how we interact with you, the reader! We believe that everyone deserves the courtesy of accurate and reliable information, even if they aren’t already customers.


If you ever want more information about any of the future stories, we share please reach out via the contact form! We’re excited tell you more! If you want more information about our services give us a call or send an email! Let us know how we can help you source food ingredients for your business.

Remember, every month we are bringing you a new story
about a customer with a business just like you!

Your challenges are unique, but every story presents a learning opportunity. You’ve found the one place dedicated to helping food manufacturing businesses learn from each other’s hardest times. Let’s all learn and thrive together!


Check back each month for a new post to learn how to overcome your worst supply chain struggles. See you next time!

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