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Plant Trials:

Do you need a small batch as a plant trial?

We can do a plant trial, or small batch in our 300-lb blender. There is no need to gear up and produce 5,000 pounds of product (but we can do that, too). You have done the R&D, and you may have the formula. You can tiptoe into production and do all of the testing with us. 

Expect Personalized "Nitty Gritty" Service

R&D Team

We prioritize understanding your unique production environment firsthand, visiting your plants to grasp nuances like humidity levels and equipment configurations.

Armed with this insight, we leverage our R&D lab to tailor functional ingredients more precisely to your needs. Whether you operate a plant in Illinois or Iowa, each with its distinct equipment mix, we recognize how these variations influence product performance.

This attention to detail underscores our commitment to providing personalized, nitty-gritty service. Moreover, we foster collaboration with suppliers, tapping into their expertise for tasks like reverse engineering or fine-tuning flavor profiles, ensuring we consistently meet your expectations.

Plant Trial Success Story

One of our clients runs their hummus through a 200-degree delivery system, which has to go across the plant to be packaged.

The client worried the product would be stuck in the delivery system, and the time it took to set up the plant trial was a key indicator that problems might occur in the line.

We helped reformulate the product’s PH and starch levels, enabling the right flow within the delivery system.


Delicious Success!

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