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Health & Nutrition market

Health and nutrition has become a greater part of many people’s daily lives. Working out, eating right, and focusing on mental health are major parts of health and nutrition that have been brought to the forefront of consumers minds. They are often a wonderful tool to reach personal and professional goals too. 

Your customers expect you to provide them with clean label products that are packed with macro and micro nutrients. Our ingredients paired with our expertise can help you improve your products to ensure a healthier lifestyle for your customers. Partner with us and we will work with you to exceed your customers expectations.

Some of our Health & Nutrition Products

Health & Nutrition Market FAQs

How can I use natural colors to create a red or green cracker or snack chip?

We are a big fan of using vegetable powders to help you create fun and interesting colors in your baked snacks.  Need red?  Let’s talk about tomato powder or beet powder?  Want orange triangle cheese snacks?  How about carrot powder….  Well, you get the idea.  We are a fan of getting our veggies in our snacks!

My customers want more functional ingredients in their diet. What can we offer that hasn’t been done before?

…what is old, is new again.  Yep.  That’s right.  We are still looking for the fountain of youth and are beginning to see collagen appear as a highly sought after ingredient as consumers look for boosts in everything from drinks to bars.  Some benefits may include, stronger muscles, improved skin tone and increased heart health.  We can’t tell you if it works, but we can tell you we can help you create products using this “wonder” ingredient.

What types of healthy oils can I use in my dressings besides olive?

Have you tried flavored avocado oils?  We love using herb infused avocado oils for salad dressings, marinades and cooking.  With its ability to stand up to higher heat than olive oils in frying and it’s 50% make up of monounsaturated (healthy fats) avocado oil is a clear healthy choice.

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