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Sugary, salty, crispy, and crunchy; sweets and snacks are sensory delights! 

Thank you to all the sweets and snacks makers out there who are doing the good work of subduing the hangry tendencies we all get from time to time. The rich, bold, interesting, and surprising flavors you put together can cure cravings and soothe the sweet tooth! 

Since you’re here, let us know what ingredients we can supply to you by requesting a sample! You are an expert but we might just surprise you with our ingredient knowledge. Who knows, maybe there is an ingredient that could make your sweets and snacks even more irresistible!

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Sweets & Snacks Market FAQs

Can I really get a clean label in a snack?

Of course!!! You will be surprised at the amount of options available to create that perfect blend of salty & sweet while keeping it clean. Talk with us about your clean & simple ideas and we will find the perfect solution to keep all the flavor and texture your customers have come to love.

What are the on trend and popular snack food flavors?

Snacking is a little break in the day that appeals to many and is becoming even more popular than ever. Trying to create something a little different, try flavors like: huckleberry, watermelon, molasses, brown butter or maple flavors. With simple ingredients, snacking no longer means eating “junk food”.

Can meat snacks be vegan?

Meat is never vegan… BUT, you can use a variety of plant based ingredients that mimic meat. Want vegan jerky? We are your vegan jerky experts.

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