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Pharmaceutical market

The pharmaceutical industry has some of the most unique needs of any market we serve. With strict regulations and scientific formulations to adhere to you certainly have a sourcing challenge to overcome.

We understand that your needs go beyond those of food manufacturers. You need application specific formulations of ingredients made with your industry in mind.  Let us know how we can help lighten the burden of searching for the right ingredient for your application.

Some of our Pharma Products

Pharma Market FAQs

What makes an ingredient a pharmaceutical grade?

Ingredients for use in most pharmaceutical applications will carry a designation of “USP”, which means United States Pharmacopoeia.  This essentially means that the product carries a high purity designation.

What is a nutraceutical and how is it different?

Nutraceutical is a relatively new concept which essentially means that a product with this designation is an alternative to a pharmaceutical that possesses a physiological benefit to the user.  Unlike pharma, nutraceuticals are unregulated.  A perfect example is the supplement and herbal industry offerings.  We have many ingredients that meet both designations and are anxious to help you find your health and wellness or pharma solution.

Are organic ingredients used in pharmaceutical production?

Yes.  The usage of an organic ingredient versus a conventional ingredient is dependent upon the customer and their finished product.  Only you know whether or not you want organics, but we sure can help deliver you every option.

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