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Cosmetics are deeply personal. They play a role in overall health through nourishing the body and providing a new avenue for self expression. Your products contribute to people’s perspective of themselves. There is no denying that the cosmetics industry needs to use the finest ingredients to promote overall wellness and product safety for countless users every day. 

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Cosmetics & Other Market FAQs

Why is food used in cosmetics?

Good question!  Food ingredients are used in many different types of applications beyond just making dinner or a birthday cake.  In cosmetic applications, oats are known to sooth and tighten skin, whereas sugar helps to exfoliate and smooth skin.  Herbal balms are used as relaxants or sometimes even energizers and spices are used to help blood flow.  Collagen…. Well, that might just be the new fountain of youth!  Whatever your need, let us design a scrumptious smelling cosmetic product sure to rival a cupcake.

We have a formula that we want to simplify. How do we remove some of the chemicals and replace them with simple ingredients?

Depending on what you are removing or simplifying, there are obvious challenges that we can help you to overcome during reformulation.  The overarching trend is to create label friendly products.  With our team of experts, we can work together to find the right balance.  We love beautiful things and nothing is more beautiful than a straightforward product that works!…  well, almost nothing….

Do you have non-allergen, plant-based ingredients for use in cosmetics?

We sure do!  A big trend is using plants to do everything from filter our air, to fuel our bellies to help us naturally wash our clothes.  With so many options, plants are powering the world.  Let us showcase our talents by helping you plant the seeds for possible alternatives.

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