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Beverage Client Saves Precious Time with Our Blending and Ingredient Sourcing

A beverage start-up client was making drink stick packets and had to source ingredients from multiple suppliers, proving challenging. The client was strapped for time and needed our custom solutions.

We were referred to this client by another client in the beverage industry. 

We efficiently sourced and consolidated their raw materials by blending them, effectively streamlining their production process. 

All our client needs to do is add his components and pack them off! This streamlined process saved them time and increased their productivity, a feature that will intrigue and interest potential clients.

Our blending and ingredient-sourcing services significantly relieved our drink mix client and streamlined their production process, leading to substantial cost savings. The client was so satisfied with the results that they became loyal advocates of our services, a testament to our confidence and reassurance.

Gluten-Free Pet Food Company Saves Time and Steps in Production with our Blending and Sourcing Service

A new pet food company was sourcing ingredients from multiple businesses and had a complicated production process. We met with them and shared our custom blending capabilities, specifically pre-blends. They were excited that we were gluten-free certified, as they had gluten-free products. Our ability to offer them consolidated purchasing was critical in choosing us.

It piqued their interest because St. Charles Trading offers the opportunity to:

  • Consolidate and manage some of their ingredient buying.
  • Simplify their production process.


We helped our client with three blend production processes for their products. 

The pet food client can effortlessly incorporate the blend into their batch, eliminating the need for meticulous measurements. 

Our blending and ingredient-sourcing services significantly relieved our drink mix client, streamlining their production process and ultimately saving them money.

Bakery Solves Cross-Contamination with Jalapeńo Bread Production

One of our bakery clients made cakes in their plants and wanted to run a jalapeño cornbread blend, but there was too much odor. 

To resolve the issue, our client came to us to run the blend at our facility instead of at their original plant as they expanded their product line. We were happy to help them and cultivate a great business relationship. It was a delicious success!

jalapeño bread

Biscuit Company Gets Communication and Client Service for Blending

Our customers sell products through retail channels like Target, wholesale, and food service.

The challenge was that our customer wanted more from their current supplier. Their past supplier was hurting their business with lead times and not communicating changes in the production schedule. So, for example, their past supplier would say they would have their blend ready for them on a particular date.

Unfortunately, when their supplier delayed their raw ingredients, they would not communicate with the client. The client had to inform their vendors and customers that their orders were delayed, and they did not know when it was possible to fulfill them, which hurt her business.

When we presented blending to them, they hired us as their blending supplier for communication and reliability. Within three weeks, we had a baking blend made, samples sent to the customers, approval received, and we are now running their first blend order.

They are extending their product line with different biscuit flavors and pack sizes for food service, such as a retail pouch and a 25-lb version. Our services have improved their production process and opened up new business opportunities for them, inspiring hope for similar growth in other businesses.

The customer was so happy with our response times and the attention we have shown them that they have also referred other customers to us for blends. They specifically mentioned that our services have increased the quality of their products, which they believe was only possible with our help.

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