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Pets are becoming part of the family unit like never before. Your customers are looking for ways to raise healthier, longer living pets. Animals have specific dietary needs, just like humans and these needs play a key role in health and longevity. 

As more of the market moves toward specialized food formulations for different stages of life along with different dietary needs, you need an ingredient supplier who understands your need to constantly innovate. 

We are constantly monitoring industry trends and evaluating the ingredients you already use. Our personalized customer service pairs you with a dedicated representative that will learn your needs and can make informed recommendations to improve your product formulation. If you want a partner, not just a supplier, we are eager to hear from you! 

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Pet Food Market FAQs

Can fish eat fruits & vegetables?

Did you know that fish love apples, pears, broccoli and peas?  In fact, fish love vegetables and, unlike most kids, will eat cauliflower, zucchini, squash and brussels sprouts too.  While it is always best to check what the recommended diet is for your finned friend, fish need love too and veggies are a special treat.

What are the advantages of using vegetables in dog food?

Glad you asked.  While we all know that dogs will eat many things found in the backyard, when it comes to what we put in our beloved fur friend’s bowl, we want the very best.  Unlike meat, vegetables are rich in fiber, minerals, antioxidants, enzymes and phyto-nutrients.  Dogs love vegetables.  Just let your pup roam around in your garden and I am sure you will notice some carrots have been munched.  With a full line of vegetables processed right here in the U.S., we can help you create healthy meals and treats dogs will surely love.

Is CBD or hemp a safe ingredient to use in pet food and treats?

It is best to check with your state legislation and with the FDA before incorporating these items into pet food.

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