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Global Food Ingredient Sourcing

The world, made accessible to you

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Our domestic Procurement Team is searching the country for the best ingredients available. They work tirelessly to ensure you are receiving a product that meets your specifications and arrives on time. 

Our International Procurement Team brings the flavors of the world to you. They are a resourceful group of specialists that know how to navigate the complexities of international sourcing. They simplify the supply chain to save you the headache.

Samples are a key component of product development and our teams can get you samples quickly so you can innovate without skipping a beat!

“It is a Slam dunk, No brainer -pick your little phrase- to keep multiple key items running through St. Charles. SCT has always earned their way, and it is greatly appreciated here. To that end, it is no coincidence that as more new items come up as possible additions to the Ingredient list, we often head your way looking for information.”