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Dairy market

Dairy is everywhere and chances are your product could benefit from these ingredients. Without dairy there would be no cheese, milk, yogurt, or even ice cream! They are water binders and emulsifiers amongst many other crucial characteristics. 

What is even more incredible is the number of places it can be found outside of those traditional foods. They can also be found in baked goods because they assist in proper browning which contributes to flavor along with texture.

Some of our Dairy Products

Dairy Market FAQs

How can I get vegan dairy?

Well, vegan dairy is an oxymoron, but we do have many suggestions to help you with dairy like ingredients.  Don’t want the moo?  We are here for you.

Why does my ice cream melt?

Ice cream is a complex arrangement of water, fats, proteins and carbohydrates frozen into that most delightful summertime treat.  When out of the freezer, the frozen water begins to “melt”.  How do you prevent the melt?  Well, there are many stabilizers that can help balance the freeze/thaw process which allows for that creamy mint chocolate chip to go from store to home, freezer to your bowl without ever compromising the joy of the treat.  How do all of those chips stay in the mix?….  Magic….  Seriously, we have the answer.  You know what to do.  ….call us….

How can I use it to boost my protein drink?

There are many different ways you can add more protein to the mix.  Whether it’s concentrates, isolates or other protein sources, call us to help you add the boost.

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