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There is nothing quite like an iced beverage on a hot summer day or a hot drink in the dead of winter. You make products that bring life to parties and restore bodies through good nutrition. 

You work hard to get your recipes just right so that your customers are satisfied with every sip. You deserve a partner with the same dedication. Let us know what ingredients you’re looking for by requesting a sample!

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Beverage Market FAQs

What types of plant proteins can I add to my sport smoothie?

Plant proteins are a simple way to add power to your performance drinks.  From pea to soy, quinoa to chia, we have an abundant source of ways to deliver the protein advantage that rival dairy.  Almond, peanut, pumpkin seed….  Just a few unusual but very effective sources of protein to expand your product line extensions.  The sky is almost the limit when helping you soar to new protein heights.

Why are some drinks clear and some cloudy?

Simple.  It is all about the ingredients.  If you want opacity, we can recommend clouding agents that deliver the cloud.  Need a crystal clear ice colored beverage, we can help you deliver transparency.

We want to create exotic beverage flavors. What trends do you see for 2020 and beyond?

We are getting out our crystal ball now….  Yes, we see it….  We think there will be more demand for flavors that can help lower sugar but still carry fresh, delicate notes: botanicals, citrus and ginger will remain popular.  Basil, cilantro, elderflower will reach across the mocktails while finding their way into more common beverages.  Next up….  How about grapefruit, dragon fruit and yuzu?  Or something a bit spicy like cayenne, cardamom or chili?  Drinks will continue to evolve as consumers continue to experiment with “what’s new”.  Need help?  Let us help you imagine the possibilities….

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