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Your search for an oat supplier ends here! A popular grain known for their essential nutrients, that contribute to a healthy diet. They are rich in fiber, promoting good digestive health and keeping you full for longer. They also contain plenty of protein, making them a valuable addition to meals and snacks.

In addition to their health benefits, oats are incredibly versatile in cooking. They can be used in classic oatmeal and breakfast cereals as well as delicious snacks like cookies and biscuits. Their neutral flavor blends well with various ingredients, making them a favorite among chefs and home cooks.

Furthermore, it’s an ingredient perfect for making protein bars and energy balls, providing a natural source of sustained energy. In savory dishes, they can be added to hearty stews, pilafs, and flavorful soups, enhancing both the nutrition and texture of the meals. Learn more about what St. Charles Trading has to offer here.

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Exploring the forms of oats

Cream of Wheat in a bowl with fruit, oats, and grains.

Rolled oats are processed by steaming groats and then flattening them with large rollers. As a result, this product retains its nutrients, making it perfectly suited for oatmeal and baking applications.

On the other hand, steel-cuts are cut into smaller pieces, offering a hearty texture and nutty flavor. Consequently, they are ideal for savory dishes, providing a delightful twist to breakfast or lunch options.

Meanwhile, whole groats are minimally processed, hulled but remain intact, retaining their natural goodness and chewy texture. For health-conscious individuals looking for a whole-grain option, these oats are an excellent choice.

Adding a delightful crunch and enhancing the texture and flavor of various dishes, including salads and yogurt parfaits, are the toasted oats. Lightly toasted, they serve as a versatile ingredient.

If convenience without compromising nutrition is your priority, quick organic oats are an excellent choice. They are pre-cooked, allowing for quicker preparation while maintaining organic integrity.

Lastly, for those with sensitive tummies, gluten-free baby oats are gentle and perfect for introducing nutritious grains too little ones, ensuring they get essential nutrients for healthy growth.

Digging Deeper into oats

In cookies and biscuits, the addition of rolled oats brings a delightful chewiness, whereas toasted oats contribute a crunchy texture. By combining these oats with nuts, honey, and a hint of cinnamon, we create irresistible treats that strike a perfect balance between taste and health.

Moving on to cereals, they become nourishing and delightful when we blend a variety of oats with other grains like millet and nuts. The addition of dried fruits and honey provides natural sweetness that satisfies both kids and adults at the beginning of the day.

For individuals with gluten sensitivities, oats serve as a perfect gluten-free alternative to traditional grains. With their natural gluten-free properties, they become a safe and nutritious choice for creating a wide range of gluten-free products.

When it comes to protein-packed meals, incorporating oats can significantly boost the protein content of various dishes. From oat-crusted chicken tenders to protein bars enriched with oats, the possibilities are truly endless.

Bowl of oatmeal with raisins and grains.

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