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Cargill: Prosante

Cargill’s Prosante textured soy flour is an ingredient with the potential to revolutionize the way we cook and consume food by incorporating more sustainable vegetable protein. Notably, with a protein concentration of 54%, this product stands as an excellent source of nutritious, high-quality textured soy protein that comes in various sizes and shapes, making it perfect for any dish. Furthermore, the benefits of using Prosante in food preparation are endless. Its features lead to a reduction in the fat content of the final product, as well as an improvement in texture, taste binding, and a higher level of moisture retention. Moreover, the hydrated form of textured soy flour can help achieve increased yields, greater juiciness, and reduced fat in the cooked food. Consequently, food prepared with Prosante not only tastes better but also boasts more functional protein, offering a broader sensory appeal.

Prosante applications

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Benefits of using Prosante

  1. Bakery: Prosante can be used in bakery products as a binding agent and to enhance texture. Additionally, it helps in improving the overall structure of baked goods, making them more appealing and enjoyable for consumers. Moreover, Prosante aids in achieving that the bakery items maintain their quality and freshness.

  2. Bars: In bars, such as energy bars and granola bars, Prosante serves as a binding agent, holding the ingredients together and preventing crumbly textures. It contributes to the bar’s stability and helps create a smooth and cohesive texture, making it easier to handle and consume.

  3. Convenience Foods: Prosante is valuable in convenience foods as a stabilizer and thickening agent. Furthermore, it helps improve the mouthfeel and texture of ready-to-eat meals and frozen food products, ensuring a consistent and satisfying experience for consumers.

  4. Meat and Meat Substitutes: In meat products and meat substitutes, Prosante acts as a binder, improving the texture and structure. It helps in reducing cooking losses, providing better water retention, and enhancing the juiciness of meat products. Moreover, in meat substitutes, it aids in creating a meat-like texture, making them more appealing to vegetarians and flexitarians.

  5. Soups and Sauces: Prosante is used in soups and sauces as a thickening agent, contributing to a smooth and velvety consistency. Additionally, it helps in achieving the desired thickness and stability in these products.

  6. Snacks: In snack products like extruded snacks and puffed snacks, Prosante acts as a binding and texturizing agent. Moreover, it helps in maintaining the shape and integrity of the snacks, resulting in a more appealing and marketable product.

  7. Cereals: Prosante finds applications in cereals as a binding and texturizing agent, ensuring that the cereal pieces hold together and maintain their shape. Additionally, it contributes to the crunchiness and texture of cereals, enhancing the consumer’s eating experience.

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