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Spice Cloud is made up of various spice names.

Here are the Basics

We are a company of roughly 200 people.

We are from all over and work even more places. You can find us in Georgia, Ohio, Texas, New Jersey, and Illinois. Here is the best part… that’s only our offices! We have sales reps that travel to every state and we have warehouses in states all across the USA. We love what we do! Who wouldn’t enjoy helping to feed people everywhere!?


When you work with St. Charles Trading, you work with a unique set of people! We love what we do and what we provide. Our favorite ingredients are listed out in this image with the favorite being the biggest size.

“St. Charles Trading brings an abundant amount of opportunity that is continually available to employees. With the company growing so quickly, it is crucial that we have the right people and create an atmosphere of function in collaboration with fun! I adore sharing the responsibility to hire these types of individuals, and witness their growth, career, and impact within and on St. Charles Trading.”
- SCT Employee